Orientation Teams… and How They ROCK!

The college orientation – are you excited? Nervous? Unsure of what to expect?
That’s ok! We all were there at one time! But don’t worry you will have a terrific time at freshman orientation here at SRU! First of all you will learn a lot more about where you will be living in the dorms, the food at boozel, and your class schedule for the fall. All of this information will make you more assured that you made the right decision picking SRU for your undergraduate degree!
Secondly, the orientation team of upperclassmen students are honestly some of the best kids on the block! They are very upbeat and are prepared and willing to answer any and all questions you have about college life. College can be a big transition for most of us, but these team members will make you feel about home right away- and add in some good laughs!

For more information about orientation weekends, check out this link:

You are going to LOVE your time here at the Rock! Be excited and expect the best 4 years of your life!
All for now!
Be blessed today!
Kaitlin 


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