So Many Choices—So Little Time!

When walking around campus this past week, I am constantly reminded of how diverse Slippery Rock is in the possible careers and professions it prepares students for during their 4 short years.  And that’s the catch: you only have 4 years to explore and learn as much as you can from the Slippery Rock educators! The majors and minors that Slippery Rock offers are far and in between. We have everything from accounting, to exercise science, to art sculpting, to biology, to pre-law, and so many others. This is one of the reasons why I like to promote Slippery Rock as a great college is because if you come in undecided you will be able to find some field that interests you!

For me personally, I came into SRU with the idea of going to PT school doing the 3+3 Exercise Science track.  However, I started to understand the passion I have for working with people with disabilities once I picked up the Adapted Physical Activity minor.  So during my junior year I made the decision to switch my major to Therapeutic Recreation to best pursue a career working with people with disabilities.  And I love it! I am constantly reminded of how blessed I am to attend a college where I was able to find a major that fit my passion and dreams! Honestly, Slippery Rock has it all! You can check it out for yourself at

All for now, friends!

Enjoy the sunshine today!



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