Hot Weather, Cold Weather Kind of Place

It’s that time of year. The time when the cold weather may leave and the warm spring air is welcome to come to western, PA.  This past week was a roller-coaster of weather.  Starting out with a weekend in the high 50s, low 60s, I loved running through the Slippery Rock woods on the trails behind the ski lodge.  The weather was beautiful and the sunshine felt so good! Monday and Tuesday dropped to the low 50s, high 40s, but I was still able to enjoy hiking the Wolf Creek Trail in Slippery Rock Park with only a light jacket.  And then it happened… the snow returned. Wednesday and Thursday were cold and snowy with the winds adding a slight blizzard feel.  Oh what a week of weather!

This is just a testimony of the needs to pack many different types of clothes and jackets for college life at Slippery Rock.  I personally have two winter coats and two lighter coats and many sweatshirts here at school so I am ready for whatever weather campus may endure today! Although the changing weather can be annoying sometimes, I am thankful for the diversity of seasons that Slippery Rock experiences.  It makes the first snow fall and the first day of warm weather even more special when you can celebrate with your college friends!

All for Now!

Enjoy today, friends!

Kaitlin 🙂


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