What I Wished I Had Known Before Coming to SRU

I read a book this week about how putting oneself in anothers shoes can help the world be a better place.  Right now, I am thinking that placing myself in the shoes of a senior in high school about to come to college could be beneficial for this blog.  I have recently been thinking about college life.  College life is a foreign idea to a senior in high school. All you know is what you see on TV which is mainly inaccurate or blown out of proportion… So I asked some of my friends this question: What was one thing about college life you wished you knew before getting to school?  We came up with 3 answers.

  1.  Studying in the dorms is near impossible your freshman year
  • The dorms are fun, loud, and distracting.  Finding a place like the library, empty classrooms, study rooms in the dorms, or even a quiet booth during a non-eating hour at the dining hall will suit you much better! I am an extrovert so being around people in the dorms makes me want to not study and hang out! Finding the balance btwn studying and hanging is super important as a freshman to succeed in college!
  1. Walking to class can be cold! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  • Dress of success in college means dress for sun, rain, sleet, snow, and hail… all in one day. Slippery Rock weather is very unpredictable and you want to make sure that you check the weather for the day before getting dressed in the morning! Be sure to buy a warm winter coat before coming to college too since its a lot colder walked 20 minutes to class each day than walking from your car into your high school!
  1. The campus is SPREAD OUT, yo!
  • This is true.  Slippery Rock is build on rolling hills and likes to spread itself out.  Sometimes you will go to 5 or 6 different buildings in one day for classes and meetings.  Sometimes you will have to power walk from class to class to make it on time.  But do not fret! Walking is exercise and exercise is medicine and you will be fine! Just something to be aware of before hitting campus!

Hope this insight brightened your day!

All for Now!

Kaitlin  🙂


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