The Joys of Boozel!!

I did not know but I wish I would have known the perks of the Slippery Rock dining hall before I came to school my freshman year. So want me to clue ya’ll in… ok well here it is:
Boozel Dining Hall is SRU’s all-you-can-eat food stop! It is ranked 14th in the nation for nicest, newest dining hall! Pretty cool, right? Boozel has four large sitting areas composed of tables, booths, and bar stool seats. I personally like the variety of sitting in the dining hall so that I can accommodate more friends if a few extra show up for dinner! Hey, the more the merrier!
Food wise, Boozel has an incredible salad bar, sandwich station, fried food cuisine, and home-cooked selection of food. I usually always start off in the salad/soup line and more to the pizza, grilled cheeses, or pasta selections. Lastly, I hit up the ice cream and fresh pastries corner of the dining hall! Sometimes I just need sugar!
Many times, I forget to appreciate the specialty options that Boozel has to offer such a gluten free dinner options, fat free everything for a healthier experience, and theme nights like Harry Potter and Super Bowl Night where the chiefs transform the look and food selections to match the themes! For example, on Harry Potter night, the chiefs created home-made Butterbeer! Yumm!\
Alright time for dinner… just meeting some friends at Boozel! Hope they have shrimp scampi pasta again! 🙂
Until next time…


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