Oh Bailey!



When coming to my first campus tour of Slippery Rock University, my parents were excited to see the campus.  But nothing could have prepared me for their over-excitement over touring Bailey Library.


Actually, compared to other schools that my friends attend, Bailey Library rocks.  This three-floor building contains three very different environments.  The first floor contains over 60 computers and 10 study rooms for the best group project preparations any student could ask for!  The second floor contains the hub for the education department with more children’s books than most bookstores! The second floor also contains the technology center where students can rent out all kinds of equipment and use the most advanced PC and Apple technology.  You can also rent the most recent movies on DVDs! The third floor of Bailey is probs the most precious to many last minute studiers.  This floor is the quiet floor where talking is really not allowed.  So therefore quiet, concentrative studying is at its finest!  The library even smells like well used books and coffee and I appreciate the added fragrance!


Bailey really helped me transition into college because I could leave the hustle and excitement of my freshman floor to study efficiently and quickly on the third floor of the library.  Bailey has helped my GPA and emotional stress levels in countless ways and I encourage you readers to check out the library and USE its resources and librarians for the best college experience!


All for now!


Until next time… Kaitlin


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