Counting Each Moment!

This is it. I can’t believe it.

Last semester. Slippery Rock University senior!

I had a good conversation with my roommates (three of which are also seniors) the other night ago. We were talking about the importance of living in the moment this semester.  I have encountered some of the coolest people in the past 3.5+ years and I want to really focus on cultivating those relationships this semester.  While I am excited for what this semester brings, I also am in the process of preparing my heart for the future.  Slippery Rock has provided me with an incredible education with more educational learning experience that I could have ever imagined coming out of high school.  I have traveled all over the United States for conferences and trips to further my ability to understand my profession as a recreation therapist.  Slippery Rock has shaped me and I am excited to see what this final semester has in store.

Life at Slippery Rock is nothing less of a passionate adventure!

Be passionate about what you are passionate about. And I can assure you that Slippery Rock has something for you- diversity, athletics, arts, education, and laughter. It’s the place to be.

All for now… until next time!



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