Accomplished and Coming Together

Finally, the Communication students were able to put everything out there on the line.  It all came down to this.  Everything that we learned while we were here at the Rock, was out on the table.  We had to display everything that we have ever came into contact with and explored thus far.  Telling our life story has never meant so much in our education as what it did tonight.

We have come so far and still have so much farther to travel.  From here who knows where we all may end up, if we will ever see each other again, or even if we will stay in contact with one another.

One thing we do know, however, is that one of the biggest, most talked about nights of our lives is complete.  We made it!!  We succeeded with flying colors and can only go up from here.

Our friendships pulled us together and got us through.  Tonight was one of those nights to look back on and reminisce in the good times.  A night like this will never be forgotten.  We truly became a family here at Slippery Rock University.

There’s no turning back now!!

-Stephanie Clark-


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