Surviving Sandy… Tales of a Slippery Rock Student

Rain rain… please go away and DON’T come back another day.

Day 2 of the constant rain was hard, day 3 became a little big gloomier, and now on Day 4, most of Slippery Rock University is DONE with the rain for now! Although the rain and sleet is not pleasant, our campus is very fortunate to have been out of the flooding belt and we did not lose power once! I am very thankful that our power stayed on because my housemates and I had just gone grocery shopping. Spoiled food as college students would have been very sad indeed!

Despite Slippery Rock just being one slippery mess, many of my classmates and professors have family and friends out east who have severe flooding, closed towns, and even completely destroyed homes.  It is during times like this and the student body comes together to support those who are mourning the loss of homes and even family pets.  I have two close friends from Ocean City, Maryland.  Currently these girl’s high school is literally under 6 feet of water.  I cannot imagine being in their situation but I am willing to give them a listening ear and many tight hugs for comfort and support.  I know that the Center for Student Leadership and Involvement at SRU is already in the process of talking to the American Red Cross centers across eastern PA to create service trips to help clear streets and reinsulate flooded homes.  I am definitely interested in going on one of these trips!

The campus body is becoming stronger through the rain and I am thankful that many people are carrying around their own sunshine during these days!

All for now… keep shining!



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