Dress for Success: Interviews.

Today I was interviewed. I woke up this morning and proceeded to beautify myself to look the part for this very important interview at 12:30 pm this afternoon.  I was not nervous after looking in the mirror to see that I had dressed the part for success.  This interview was important because this interview was THE MOCK INTERVIEW of my college career!

Yep, you read it right. Mock Interview. So therefore I went to the Career Center in the library and sat with Carol, one of the graduate students, and she drilled me with interview questions for practice.  This honestly was a very valuable experience of my college career because I received a lot of valuable feedback about my speech, eye contact, and quality of answers to the questions.

Interviews can be challenging for many people. I personally, enjoy interviews because it allows me to interact with others while sharing about myself.  In the job market today, interviews are vital as a part of the hiring process.  Networking is just as important as GPAs these days so being able to give a good interview and be personable with other professionals is very important to my success post-Slippery Rock.

Oh and the interview went great and I know that I will receive a good grade for the class in which I needed to complete the Mock Interview assignment. Amen! :p

All for now… keep shining, friends!

Until next time…

Kaitlin 🙂


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