Well it is definitely official, the school year has started off typical.  Let the Rain start falling.  Everyone break out those umbrellas and rain boots because it is only going to continue from here.

We all have to enjoy the sun while it lasts and make the most of it.  Sooner rather than later we are going to be looking back missing these days.

So find the best bubble umbrella out there and the coolest, snazziest rain boots you can find, because they are definitely going to come in handy.  If you really want to make a statement, you will be sure to find a rain coat to match those out-standish rain boots of yours.

Once it is time to hang up the rain boots, you better start looking for the winter wear because the snow is soon to start falling.  Boots are definite must and just think once its winter time, its also going to start getting warm again soon!!

So, even though the weather may not be the greatest here, better make the most of it!!



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