Need a Mentor? Got One!

The Slippery Rock Honors Program- aka the HON- has truly been one of the greatest programs I have been blessed to be in here at The Rock.  This past week, the HON held its 3rd Annual Honors Mentor-Mentee Reception.  Previous to this event, the Honors Program assigned me with a freshman named Rachel to be my mentee. I was not able to get together with Rachel before this event so therefore I was very thankful for this Hon event to meet her!

Rachel is wonderful and it was pleasure getting to know her and some of her hall mates from the HON floor during the event.  As the mentor, it was my responsibility to fill her in on the works of the Hon. Such as the honors’ unit system and how to register for honors classes.  I really enjoy the questions that the freshman mentees asked and being able to help them learn tips to make their college experience the best it can be!

I love the Hon! 🙂

All for now… shine on friends!



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