The Swing of Things…

Adjusting.  A hard concept for some college students including myself.  Coming into the year, I am so excited to “be a senior”.  The hang with friends, lead organizations on campus, and do new and exciting things I have not yet experienced.

I forgot, however the importance of taking time to adjust to the college life.  College is all about balance. A healthy balance of studying, eating, sleeping, exercising, socializing, leading, organizing, listening, and being.  College is amazing once this balance if found.  The first two or three weeks of school are important to find this happy medium.  Can I study enough and still go to Grove City to hang with friends tonight? Am I able to grab a bite to eat now or wait till after class? Should I stay awake talking to my roomies or sleep the extra two hours?

Balance in life is important and I am excited to say I am starting to remember how to balance my life as a college student at Slippery Rock! Even if I am a senior!

All for now- keep shining!

Be blessed this week!

Kaitlin 🙂


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