Reminiscing the Good Times

I know in high school we all can’t wait to get done.  We all just want to be out and away from our home towns and our family supervision.  We want to be on our own and making our own decisions and not having to answer to authority.

At the same time though, there are those times when all we want is the comfort of our parents.  We all lean on them for the comfort and support that we all still desire no matter how old we are.

It is basically the same in college.  However, sometimes things tend to change a bit.  Instead of always relying on family, we all turn to our friends and loved ones.  Leaving college is just like leaving your family and friends in high school.  Instead of leaving your parents though, you are leaving your friends that made you feel as if you were at home.  They were your family away from home.  They were the ones that you stayed up talking to all night; they were the ones you turned to when times got rough; they were the ones you were with when the nights turned to mornings.

No matter where you may end up, even if it is half way around the word, you know that if you needed them, they would be there for you.  It’s times like these looking back on them, that makes it so hard to grasp that college does have to come to an end unfortunately.  It’s times like these that I don’t want college to end.



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