Shadowing Back

I forgot, ok. I forgot the emotions that come with shadowing and looking at colleges as a high school senior.

This past week, a girl named Kat from southern Ohio came to Slippery Rock for the day to shadow me as a potential student. It’s always a fun day when I have shadows and this one in particular had a lot in common with me. Kat reminded me throughout the day of her fears and excitements of making a college decision. She was torn between two colleges, SRU and a small liberal arts school in Ohio. Both schools had perks but overall I really believe that Slippery Rock will be the best fit of her. (not that I’m bias of anything!)

Some of the reasons that Kat should choose Slippery Rock are because of the atmosphere. We truly have a friendly, welcoming campus of very passionate and diverse students and faculty. We also have one of the nicest dining halls in the nation with many different food options each day for every meal. Kat really enjoyed hearing about our new science class building and the new exercise physiology lab being added to Patterson Hall. Oh did I mention the horse barn on campus used specifically for therapeutic horseback riding for people with disabilities? From the art sculptures to the athletic trophies, Slippery Rock truly has a lot to off Kat as a student next year.

And The Rock has something to offer you too! 

Have a great week- let me know if you have any questions or comments!

Keep shining!

Kaitlin 🙂


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