Libraries have Books

I did something this week that I haven’t done in years, rent a book from the library.  Although Bailey Library has over 800,000 cataloged items and thousands more through library loan, I usually rely upon the online journals available there.  However, I decided to start my summer reading early.  Most of my semester projects have been completed at this point, so with my spare time, I decided to peruse the card catalog.  The book I chose was a collection of Viennese novelettes by Schnitzler.  I stumbled upon the collection, because it contained the short story, “Rhapsody”, which was the basis for the movie Eyes Wide Shut.  The movie was the last released under the direction of Stanley Kubrick.  He also was the co-writer and producer for the film, however he died before the film was released in theaters.  I have enjoyed most of Kubrick’s films.  I thought that reading the works would give me a chance to see how a director or writer is inspired by another.  There are some notable changes already from the novelette to the film, but all of them are understandable.  The changes seem to make the film more culturally relevant and contemporary.  

Other than summer reading, I am beginning to stress over my internship search.   At this point, I have interviewed with about ten different companies.  I have received one offer so far, but I declined.  The company did not seem to be the right fit for me.  The interviewers seemed unprofessional, and they only gave me one day to decide.  I was not trying to rush into making the wrong decision, so I decided to decline and wait for something else.  My decision was reaffirmed by a speaker in my Human Resource Management class yesterday.  He made it clear that you should always follow your instincts; if the company doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t for you.  Unfortunately, this puts more stress upon me.  Now all of my eggs are in one basket.  I am waiting on hearing back from the last company that interviewed me.  I am due to hear from them within a week.  It is kind of funny that this is actually the first company that I applied to months previous.  They are my top choice.  If I do not get that internship, then it’s a little late to find another.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best.  Either way, I will do my best to enjoy my final summer as an undergraduate college student.

– Chris Kite


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