Nearing the End

We are all at that point in time, where we all just want to be done.  No more tests, quizzes, exams, group projects, or presentations; we just want to be done.  Summer vacation cannot be soon enough.

There are so many activities going on and class work is the last thing we want to be doing.  I mean not only is Brantley Gilbert coming to campus, but also Big Sean as well.  Relay for Life is coming up and the sports teams are gearing up for the main part of their competition season.

Unfortunately, we are also at that point in the semester where this is when our efforts matter the most.  This is where your grades either make or break you.  So many times we study and study all night long for it to pay off, but then there are others, where no matter how long we study we are doomed for defeat anyways.  Hopefully, though, for everyone’s sake, it turns out positive.

So, as hard as it seems, buckle down for the last few remaining weeks and summer will be here before you know it!!

Good Luck Rock!!



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