So it is about that time again where everyone is running wild.  It is coming to not only the end of the semester, but also the end of an academic year.  People are trying to squeeze in time to meet with their advisors that always seem to busy, emails are not being returned, R-pins are getting lost, and schedules just are not working out the way we want them.  No one ever wants night classes or those dreaded 8 AM classes, but it seems more often than not that is just what we all are stuck with.

The older we get, the harder it is to maneuver our schedules and even though we may schedule first, we still get the typical dreaded classes since they are only offered at one time and it just so happens to be then.

Oh well, no use in complaining about it, we at least get a chance to make our own schedule.

As the years wear on however, it does seem a bit difficult to comprehend that the day will come when suddenly we are down with classes completely.  No matter how scary or how apprehensive one may be about that day coming, it will sure enough be here before you realize it.

So, live each and everyday to it’s fullest and cherish every moment.



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