Foreign Lands with the Honors Program!

This past weekend I had a trip of my lifetime. And a lifetime is a long time! 🙂

40 students and our director boarded the bus and headed to Toronto, Canada for a 4 day trip! We all got really excited for our vacation when we reached the Sheraton Hotel and saw how nice our hotel rooms were- like really really nice! We enjoyed the shopping center across the street and the nice, yet cheap, restaurant around the downtown area where we were situated.  My favorite place to eat was called Frann’s Diner- it has been around since the 1950s and our waiter even had his hair gelled like back in this era! The food was delicious and the Elvis music was rocking!

Some of the sights we saw included the internationally-known Royal Ontario Museum, the Casa Loma castle, the tall CNN Tower, and Ward Island.  My personal favorite was Ward Island since it was away from the city and had a wonderfully homestyle feel. This island is open year round for its residents and no motorized vehicles are permitted on the island.  It was amazing how much quieter it was because of this! I would love to live here one day and raise my family in such a friendly community!

Overall the trip was amazing and I’m thankful for the Honors Program providing such trips for us students!

All for now… keep shining!

Kaitlin 🙂


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