It’s a Scary World Out There

We all think we are safe, but in reality we are not.  Our information, our profiles, our personal information is out there available for anyone and everyone to see.  It is amazing what you can find when surfing the web.

Have you ever taken the moment to google yourself, or locate your home on Google Earth?  Kind of creepy how a computer screen can locate your home.  Also, there are certain websites out there that somehow or another can possess your address and phone number without you activating an account with them.

So, how safe are these sites that we purchase items from?  Who else can see our credit card information?

We may never know, but one thing we do know is that the web can either be very hurtful or very helpful in numerous ways.  So, just be careful what you put up because once it is in the public view, does not mean that it will get the same reaction you thought it would.  Also, once something like a photo is released or a status is posted, even if deleted off of your profile, it can still be accessed by other means of the Internet.

So, the web can provide for useful information, but it can also be very damaging to a person’s reputation.  Be careful what  you put out there, what you make available, as well as what you go looking for in that spare time you spend browsing the Internet.



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