Summer is in the Air

Sunshine.  Shorts.  T-shirts. Flip-flops.  Tan lines.  Summer is on its way and campus is alive again.  Everyone is out and about enjoying the weather and soaking up the sun.  I mean this weather is very unusual for the “Snow and Rain University” that we normally are, but no one is complaining by any means.

It seems like as soon as the weather breaks, everyone is outside and the people you haven’t seen since the beginning of school, you are seeing again.  It is almost as if over the winter we all go into hibernation and soon as nice weather comes around, we are all back out again.

Also, as the temperatures continue to rise, and the days last longer, it makes it harder and harder to stay focused.  It literally feels like summer-time now and that the semester should be over, but it is only March.  Kind of funny how things work.

No matter what the weather is though, we have to stay focused and push through the end of the semester.

Good Luck!! Finish strong and enjoy the weather while it lasts!!



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