All Work and NO Play :(

So, sorry to vent, but it is at some point necessary.  There are some points where more time in the day is needed or less work needs to be assigned.  There are only so many things that us, as college students can fit into our schedules.  On top of work, sports, class, volunteering, working out, meetings, group meetings for clubs and organizations, as well as anything else we have to do during our days, the school work is just being piled on.

Literally, for all these requirements I need more time in the day just to deal with those subject areas let alone all the school work.  Personally, I do not understand why it is necessary to pile on all this work and projects and exams all before break.  I mean, yes it is okay because we get the assignments done, but just because we do, then we are assigned even more that is due when we get back from break.  I have had so much work lately, that I do not have time for anything, yet the work keeps coming.

I cannot wait until break because for once, it is vacation time!! Soaking up the sun and of course the required practices and meets and homework, but guess what?!?!?! I can do most of that on my own time.  No more classes for a week and no more exams for a little break.  Wow it is definitely needed after these last two weeks.  So, I hope that everyone is able to enjoy a little time away and is actually able able to enjoy themselves and the time that have to do so.



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