Communication Counts!

 What is your favorite class this semester? Do you even have one?

Well for me, Intercultural Communication is making my life so enjoyable, yet challenging my mind to think outside of the box and broaden my perspective on life. What makes this class my favorite is also the great classmates who contribute in so many different ways to our discussions. From talking about ethnic food, to city vs. rural living, to racism and derogatory words, to personal experiences and testimonies, this class is amazing. It even got to the point where my professor had to “ban us from participating” for the rest of the class because we were not moving fast enough since so many people wanted to share.

It is classes like this liberal studies class that really makes college interesting and serves its purpose for helping college students in little Slippery Rock to better see the rest of the world. This coming week we are presenting on controversial topics and I am excited to see the discussion that will arouse because of these presentations. I just love people and hearing people’s stories and being able to love one another through communication is indescribable!

All for now!

Have a great week friends!

Keep Shining!

Kaitlin 🙂


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