Men vs. Women

Who shall have more opportunities?  Who should receive more collegiate scholarship money?  Why are there so many issues with college athletics and Title IV?

Even though there are a few positives that have come out of complying with this law, there have also been huge changes as well.  Losing three men’s teams to equal out the amount of participants to women’s sports was bad enough, but now the existing sports are suffering as well.

It really hits hard when something like sports teams at your own university are impacted, but to see other schools dealing with the same thing, to even worse extents is even more of an attention-getter.  With more schools cutting their track and field and cross-country programs, it brings worry to Slippery Rock that the same may happen here.

Both teams have a large number of participants for both men and woman, but the men are already limited in number.  Unlike other sports that are constantly getting new equipment and uniforms, the supplies for the sport of running is very small.  However, that does not stop the threats of losing that ability as well.  It has been an on going struggle to ensure that track and field and cross country athletes are at least able to get free training shoes or spikes.

So, not only does this Title IV ruling affect the men’s collegiate sports teams, but it also affects the smaller, less revenue producing sports as well.

There is not a day that goes by that college athletes are wondering if one day, all of a sudden, they will show up to practice just to find out that there will no longer be any need to do so because their team was cut.

What a scary thought to even consider…



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