Why am I so involved?

When I was back in high school, I was known as the over achiever to everyone. I was in almost every club and organization in the school and also ended up graduating with the honor of being fourth ranking of my graduating class. I was the yearbook editor, drum major, assistant director of the school’s plays and etc. back in those days it seemed like a breeze with all my extra-curricular activities. Now that I’m in college it’s a new and different type of atmosphere for me. My freshmen year I decided to join four student groups or organizations I joined the literacy council, council for exceptional children, jam rock dance team, and kappa sigma fraternity. At the time I was also involved with the honors program. My freshmen year was extremely busy and I may have gotten stressed out a few times, but as I matured I was able to be good at time management. As the years went by till now, which is my junior year. At this point in my college career added a few more organizations like the gamma sigma sigma community service Greek organization. With stuff like that added on to my plate, I still find a way to do my school work and random things as well The key to making this successful is to know how to do time management.

– Frank H.


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