Bringing back the Good Times

Sometimes it takes a reflection on the past, to make you realize what makes you happy.  It could be the games you used to play, or the rides you used to go on, or your favorite spot to look at the stars.  Whatever that special something might be, find it when times get tough.

There might be a favorite song that can bring you out of your misery, or a sport that can let you release some excess energy.

Whatever it takes, do it because soon enough you will be back to being as good as new.  Laughing like there is no tomorrow and smiling every chance you get.  Life is too short to live in dismal glooms of hopelessness.

So, get up and get out there and start living life knowing that however hard your days might be, and the nights may be even harder, but there is always something that each of us can find comfort in.



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