New Semester, New beginings

I’m now reaching my second semester as a Slippery Rock University junior. Classes are getting tougher and my leadership for the organizations I’m involved in are becoming more demanding. It can get tough sometimes, but organization is important.

One day when I was sitting in my apartment looking up YouTube videos on random things, like I always do when I feel bored, a thought popped into my head. I got up and went to my supply kit which I use to hold all my office supply materials like pencils, posted notes and etc. I picked up this stack note cards (or whatever they are called) and took them over to my work table aka my kitchen counter. I always have my work stuff on the counter and I sort them into piles according to the class subject they belong to. With the so called note cards I wrote on them assignments that were due for each class. For example just in case I’m confusing you. In my stage management class I have had two homework assignments. I had to read a packet and read a couple of chapters in a book. I wrote on two separate note cards each of the homework assignment and I did that for each class I have this semester. Once I was done, I wrote out more note cards for each class so I can put them in a hat. I pull the winning class subject out of the hat and that’s the class assignment I work on first. As soon I’m done I will pull out the next class and so on. This is a new system I picked on picking the class to work on so I’m not sitting in front of my laptop for ten minutes deciding what assignment I should do first. I may have made it seemed confusing but it does make me more organize. The first time I did I actually got two weeks’ worth of assignments done for all my classes.

– Frank H.


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