New Findings

Oh the things you find out about your school as a junior in college………..

This weekend I went to my roommate’s choir concert in Swope Music Hall because she asked me to attend. I honestly did not think I would 100% enjoy the performance since a lot of the songs are in different languages and are by old artists like Mozart, Beethoven, ect. But man was I wrong! Slippery Rock’s Chamber Choir is fantastic and combines a lot of old school hymns and songs with newer tunes to create a modern day piece! The sound of the choir was fairy-tale like and I could not believe that more people on our campus know how good our singers are here at school!

This got me thinking about the rest of the campus that remains hidden from the public eye and I started to research some of it. One finding is that a small auditorium is located under Malty for small theater productions. The athletic trainers also have three rooms where they help athletes. There is a DJ who specializes in Irish music for the 88.1 WSRU radio broadcast station. Boozel dining hall has their own graduate assistant to help with special events and make the food taste as homey as possible!

Sometimes it takes something like an unexpected choir concert to spark your interest in the rest of the campus. I am very thankful for this and hope to see what more “new findings” I can find here at SRU!

Go Rock Football!

Keep shining friends!

Kaitlin 🙂


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