Unethical Behavior

Before I began this blog, I intended on writing an article covering something fun I did this weekend or on why I think a certain way, but after receiving an alarming text message from the university, I feel it is necessary to discuss a much more serious issue.  For those of you attending SRU that don’t receive SRU campus alerts, first-off, make sure that you sign up to get them (It’s a free service available on the SRU website).  They send out important information regarding the safety of all students.  It could help protect you or your friends in the future. Today I received a campus alert regarding a sexual assault that occurred this weekend.  Apparently four males took a female at gun point and sexually assaulted her at the University Village (Ivy Apartments).   *NOTE: Since writing this the state police released information contradictory to initial reports. They now believe there were two victims and two assailants.

This action is both shocking and scary. I, personally, could never understand how someone could do this to another individual.  First off, using a deadly weapon against anyone is stupid.  I cannot believe that someone with such an unstable conscious as this person could get a hold of a gun.  I am an avid shooter at the range back home, but because of people like this, I understand why many are against anti-gun rallies throughout the country. 

But even had they used a knife or just their own fists, they outnumbered the woman four-to-one.  It isn’t fair.  How can someone think it is okay to prey on others?  They are deranged cowards.  To assault someone face-to-face is wrong enough, but to do it when you have a clear numbers advantage shows that they are afraid.  I really hope that at least one of the four realizes what they have done.  They not only proved the lack of character, spine, and morality in themselves, but managed to severely harm another human being in the process.  Although they cannot change the past, I hope that they would step forward and admit their mistake, so justice can be served.

It is scary to think that educated individuals in our community would stoop so low.  I would hope that anyone who knows anything about this crime would report it.  It is not right to allow sexual assault.  The fact is that it’s going to happen, but remember that everyone is responsible for preventing it.  Whether it is making sure to go out with friends to refrain from being in a vulnerable situation or convincing your neighbors that it is not okay to take advantage of someone or simply reporting suspicious characters, everyone should do their part to prevent such a horrible event from occurring. 

With all that has happened, please go forward with caution in the coming weeks.  These events can happen to anyone, so make sure to travel with close friends in well-lit environments.  Drugs and alcohol are a large contributing factor in many cases of sexual assault, so if you do decide to use drugs or alcohol remember the consequences that may come with them.  Please try to stay safe out there.  I am saddened to hear that this has happened, but I hope that it reminds us all how real the threat of sexual assault is.

-Chris Kite


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