Homecoming Weekend!

The town was painted up in Green and White as well as the colors of the world’s many nations for Homecoming weekend.  The theme for this year’s Homecoming was “Rock around the World”, so all the clubs and organizations in the parade had different countries selected.  SGA had picked Australia, so their float was decked out with the flag, a kangaroo, and some spectacular-looking coral to represent the Great Barrier Reef (I helped with some of the coral). 

But before the parade, there were numerous events that had to take place. The weekend’s festivities began with a pep rally which announced the final court.  It was followed by a concert performed by Sean Kingston.  I met up with a few friends that evening that graduated last spring.  We reminisced for a moment then got some rest.  Early on Saturday I ventured to the Brewery for the tradition of kegs and eggs.  After a delicious breakfast, the parade could finally begin. 

Once the parade ended, groups began tailgating and preparing for the football game in which the Green and White rolled to a 17-3 victory over Cal U.  Following the game, Phi Sigma Pi threw an Alumni BBQ at the White House (our humble abode on Elm).  I always enjoy meeting Alumni.  They help provide me with some perspective and advice on the fraternity and the university.

The following day was reserved for recuperation.  After some much needed rest, a large group of the Brothers went to lunch at Texas Roadhouse.  Strange as it may seem, I think it was my first time there.  Being my first time at a new place on such a festive weekend, I decided to let myself indulge.  I spent more than I should have, but it was delicious. 

After the long weekend, I am cautiously entering another full week of classes.  I think that it’s time for the work to begin switching into high gear.  The next week has multiple papers, projects, and tests ready for me, so hopefully after some studying, I will be ready for them.

-Chris K.


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