The Trick of College- The Balancing Act!

Have you ever walked on a tightrope before? Well I have not sadly.

But I know that if I did… I would fall…

Not because I’m clumsy but because sometimes it is very hard to balance everything in college. Being a junior now most people would figure that I have had long two years to figure this out but, in reality, the balancing act only gets more tricky as you go through school.

You see friends, now on top of classes, friends, and studying, as an upperclassmen you are also juggling harder classes, leadership positions around campus, friend time because they live far away in off campus apartments, money situations since your parents are not paying anymore, and cooking for yourself instead of Boozel! Wow typing that out sure sounds overwhelming! That’s why time management and delegation is sooo important in order to remain sane and joyful through the last two amazing years at Slippery Rock!

Time is important but people are more important to I just encourage you all to stick close to those you love because that’s what matters MOST!

All for now!

Keep shining!

–Kaitlin 🙂


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