Adapting to a new program.

A new thing I’m doing this year is going out of the country for spring break. Even though that is month ahead I start working on preparing for it now. A couple of fraternity brothers and I decided that it will be a cool idea to go to Canada for spring. I feel that it’s a good idea because I’ve never been out of the country and plus it won’t cost as much if we decide to drive up there. There are even brothers of the same fraternity that I’m in up in Canada it will be an honor to meet them.
To prepare for this trip I of course have to get pass port which I’m in the process of getting. I though it would be a simple process but it’s a little difficult then I thought. I’m also going to the gym more. I know this work out plan might seem hard for you but it’s easy for me to complete. I start on Monday morning. After waking up at 5 AM, I get ready and gather all my stuff to head over the gym on campus by 6 AM which is when it opens. I do an hour workout with consist of lifting weights and cardio. Then I once I’m done and refresh I head to my classes for the day. I walk everywhere since I don’t have a car on campus and plus its good exercise. Every time I’m spotted walking across campus people offer me rides, but I always say no because it’s extremely healthy. Well if you think my exercise program is over its not. I finish my day with a workout did. Then I’m day for the day and I wake up at 5 in the morning and do all over again every day except for the weekend. This is something new that I’m still adjusting to. Sometimes I can’t even wake up on time, but hopefully I can do it consistently until next semester.


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