A Visitor from Spain

Thanks to the Hispanic Latino Cultural Series, this past Monday and Tuesday SRU had a visiting writer. On the 26th, Silvia Nanclares from Spain gave a public lecture which I was not able to attend–“I write therefore I am.” She was also a guest speaker in several Spanish classes, none of which I was enrolled. But, I was invited to the writer’s workshop on the 27th and was able to attend. It was an excellent workshop. In an hour and a half, Silvia shared with us techniques to jog our memories and help us become more creative. The exercises were so simple, but immediately effective. As we left the classroom, I heard more than one student saying that it was fun and really good. For me, any time I can sharpen my writing skills, I’m a happy camper.

There is so much constantly going on at SRU, if I lived closer, I’d be going to something all the time. Plays, sports, dances (salsa this Thursday as part of the continuing Hispanic Latino Cultural Series), visiting speakers on a wide variety of topics, monks, movie night, and on and on. These events are free or very reasonably priced for students. We’ve got it good!

If you haven’t already, check out the SRU calendar to find things that interest you. http://calendar.sru.edu/webevent/scripts/webevent.plx

– Laurel P.


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