change is good

For my first blog of the semester I want to discuss change. Whether you are a freshmen entering your first year of college or you are a senior getting ready to graduate. Everyone on this campus experiences changes once in a while. As a junior at slippery rock university I experience change through entering my upper class men years and also adjusting to the cool changes that are happening around the university. I feel that you need to be able to adjust to changes if you want to succeed in college. Being involved with the theater department, the special education department, and all the other activities that I’m involved with (kappa sigma fraternity, gamma sigma sigma community service organization, jamrock dance team, and council for exceptional children) keeps me very busy and of course changes happens occasionally. When you were in high school a lot of your teachers were the same. They had the same teaching style and method and you got use to that style for four years. Then you came to college and you a have professor that does one thing and another professor who does something that is totally different. In college I feel that you have to be able to deal with things that are new to you. You have to be able to go through changes and succeed from them.

– Frank H.


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