Blink and You’ll miss My Chemical Blog!

This week I went to the Blink 182 and My Chemical Romance concert at the First Niagara Pavilion.  The show was opened by Matt and Kim a dynamic duo made popular due to their song, “Daylight”.  The twosome creates a number of dance punk tunes that irresistibly lead to booty-shaking and/or jump and pump which is my new phrase for the jumping fist-pump action that can occur when bumping music hits your eardrums.  They were followed by My Chemical Romance which was greeted with a mixed response.  Some of the Blink fans immediately booed while the MCR fans screamed aloud.  Others, like myself, listened and enjoyed the heterogeneous group.  From the hill it was like staring at a bag of M&Ms spread onto a table.  I went to the concert with my friend, Patty, who is also a Brother in Phi Sigma Pi.  At one point between the opening act and MCR we were approached by two men trying to sell us tickets.  Our seats were on the lawn, so I was interested in upgrading.  The first guy said that he was related to Mark Hoppus, the lead singer for Blink, and was on tour with the band.  He continued to say that the tickets were for Tom DeLonge’s parents who were not able to fly in from San Diego for the show (Tom is the lead guitarist and other vocalist for Blink).  I usually don’t buy in to such stories, but something about him seemed genuine. However, Patty did not seem interested in purchasing the upgrade, so I politely declined the offer.  I began to wonder why we immediately distrust such people.  This mistrust of others is a defense mechanism that has been inherently built into my psyche from the very first time my parents warned me not to talk to strangers.  Once Blink finally arrived on stage, Tom seemed more inebriated than a Thursday night concert should warrant.  He seemed to be a little depressed throughout the show and changed the lyrics of “Always” to say “I’d take you back if you had me, dad.” This small jab and the overly inebriated state of Tom made the story by the guys trying to sell me tickets even more believable.  I know that I could be completely wrong.  They could have been lying, but what if they weren’t?  What if I trusted them?  What if rather than distrusting strangers as a defense mechanism built from fear, we believed others unquestionably?  The world would be a much different place.  I know that it would be unwise to always believe others, because there are those out there looking to take advantage of the innocent and ignorant.  But I would love to see a place where honesty allowed you to buy tickets and disregard any worry of the dangerous repercussions.

Written in a dream,

Chris Kite


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