FALLin’ Back into Another School Year!

Welcome to Western, PA in the Fall. What can you expect to hear this time of year? How about students shedding clothes because the weather is hot one day then cold the next. Or the sound of luggage carts being pushed with new freshman’s room “must-haves” for college. Or the sound of our wonderful band practicing every day- when they start its 4:00 and when they end it’s 6! Or the sound of laugher and fun as students run to greet one another after not seeing each other for 4 long months. Now isn’t that just music to your ears!

Honestly I love Western, PA- but without Slippery Rock I wouldn’t love it nearly as much! And I’m back in action- year 3 here at The Rock and I have nothing but excitement for what this year will hold! Changing my major to Therapeutic Recreation has been a great decision and I am excited to be taking classes that directly pertain to my desire to work with people with disabilities! I also have been meeting a lot of amazing freshman through club fairs and campus cookouts and can’t wait to see what fun and energy they will bring to our campus! This is my first year living off campus and I sure love my house but definitely miss the hustle and bustle of our beautiful dorms from time to time! This Friday marks one of my favorite events of the year- the Welcome Party in the quad’s gazebo! With food, friends and music- I’m very excited to dance the night away!

If you have any questions about campus life here at SRU, please feel free to post it here! I love helping and answering questions about what I can honestly say is the best college ever! Woot woot!

All for now… until next time!
Keep shining!
Kaitlin 🙂


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