In Time and the Secret Forces Behind Every Action

So it begins, my senior year of college has officially started, and so far, I have found that certain things have changed, my attitude and understanding of myself being the two most prominent.  While I try to hide it as much as possible, I am already beginning to transform into a full-fledged adult.  My maturity level has increased without remorse and continues to drive me away from the typical college lifestyle.  I have noticed this on numerous occasions while observing others (often underclassmen). They exhibit behaviors which are ignorant, juvenile, and uncouth, but in years previous I took part in many of the same actions finding them to be exciting marks of maturity much like a rite of passage.  Today, I often find myself being dragged to late-night social gatherings rather than planning them, and upon arrival all I can think about is leaving.  It all adds up to one thing, I am becoming old.  This knowledge is bittersweet.  It is nice to see that I am moving in the right direction towards professionalism and away from the ignorant awkward stages of “growing-up”, but I hate thinking that my youth is beginning to slip away.  I am rarely regarded as a “boy” anymore but rather a young man, and I haven’t been mistaken for a child in years.  Everyone always talks about their childhood, but when exactly did mine end? Was there a morning when I woke up and all of a sudden it was a whole new me, a man whence a child?  I am not sure when this change took place, but I do know that a young heart still resides inside this aging capsule.  And if I can keep youth in my heart, then I will remain happy and active for years to come

Through this first week of classes some new and old responsibilities are on my plate.  I have kept my position as a Senator on the Student Government Association (SGA) and my job on campus while adding the position of HOPE Peer Educator to my résumé. I predicted that my favorite class on my schedule would be Honors Introduction to Philosophy due to my love of greek philosophy (I know it’s a strange obsession), however after my first lecture in Organizational Behavior, I believe that it is my new love.  The professor, Dr. Golden, is a large reason why I enjoy the class.  In his first lecture, he broke down the two main driving forces between all relationships to love and fear.  This application led me to think more critically than most professors have in an entire semester.  Every action someone takes is in some way related to love or fear.  Now, whenever I see someone doing something I disagree with, I think that they are only doing it out of fear or misguided love.  This idea has been a great way to keep calm in situations where I would normally become frustrated.  I look forward to him expanding upon this in further detail in his next lecture as it will be a driving theme throughout the course, and I will relay any interesting points back to you.

-Diligently keyed,

Chris Kite


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