Back after a Much-needed Rest

I knew the past spring semester was tough, but I didn’t realize how tough until I experienced my summer of contrast. I went from working full time (in four different departments), carrying two classes (one with tons of reading and writing assignments), participating in SRU’s research seminar, and pinching pennies to buy more and more heating oil just to keep the house at 55 to 60 degrees. There were also unusual stressors such as raccoons in my basement and a couple of good spins in my car in an icy intersection.

Now, I’m not crying the blues. I’m actually celebrating the contracting, revitalizing summer. Work was reduced to part time. I had no classes. The raccoons are gone. And I had no need for heating oil. Ahhhhh. How wonderful!

I was able to get things done around the house, enjoy my property, stop and appreciate the plants and flowers. I read books and articles by choice and only when I felt like it. I didn’t do anything special, but I noticed many everyday things, minus the tension, were quite special.

I really appreciate my home, my land, my work, the opportunity to finally get my degree. And, I find more enjoyment in the sensations of life – a cool breeze, warm sunshine, pleasant shade, a chat with a friend, a tasty dinner—it’s all good. I’m renewed and refreshed and ready to dive into another semester.

I’m ready to ROCK. I hope you are, too.


– Laurel P.


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