Last Time at Wiesenfluh!!

So unfotunately it is coming to that time of finals week, but that means Midnight Breakfast at Wiesenfluh!!  This fine dining experiece takes place on Monday, May 2, 2011. 

We all have our special memories at the Fluh, but there is always a time when good things must come to end.  We will all miss the Midnight Breakfasts with the DJ and Pepsi contributions, and the daily hangout spot.  This dining hall was special in it’s own way. 

For some reason, the food always tasted better here and it was a comfortable environment.  The chefs were always friendly and there was always the latest music playing in the background to keep the tune happy. 

There was not a day that went by that you were not around the Fluh just walking by or stopping in. 

Everyone knows if you were there or around because they are either peeping at you through the windows themselves or the aroma of the food lingers with you every step that you take outside of the dining hall. 

It is going to be very sad to see this spot disappear and we can only hope that its replacement can stand up to the challenege. 

Bye Bye Fluh 😦 You will be missed



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