The Balancing Act.

Do you ever feel like you’re a tightrope walker? Well at this point in the semester I sure do!

Right now I am walking along this very thin rope, trying to find the balance between school work, actual work at my three jobs, extracurricular clubs, and friend time.  If I put too much attention on one and not the other three I’m going to fall and I know that.  Thankfully I know that I will be able to get through everything as long as I keep walking along, always moving and never forgetting to Look Up when I feel like I’m starting to fall!

This is semester has been absolutely amazing and I know that right now it’s just going to keep on getting better but the pile of school work can sometimes block my view of the big picture.  I know that getting good grades is ubber important for my future occupation (that’s why I’m in the Honors program! Lol) But I also realize that what’s going on right now with school is not going to break my life if I do poorly on a lab assignment or quiz.  If I am spending time with other people, building relationships with friends, and being a positive light on this campus that is going to be much more important. Sometimes with finals hanging over my head and I’m knee high in schoolwork it can be hard to see this.  I have honestly found that living my life day by day for others is so much more fulfilling than locking myself in the library and being antisocial to keep my grades at 4.0s.  Living in the moment is a skill that I will work my entire life to perfect but when I get those moments when I realize that living for today is better than freaking out about tomorrow I am sure much more content.  🙂 Just some thought as you go through your day today!

Keep shining… until next time!

Kaitlin 🙂


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