Wishing Our Time Away

So, I know we are always told since high school not to wish our time away, but are there ever times where you just can’t wait to be done?  Sometimes there are just those weeks that literally just nothing goes well, or you are just so stressed you cannot even think straight and they seem as if they take forever to get through.  Then, there are others where you just can’t wait until something so exciting is coming up and you just want it to be that time.  Those are the good wishes for speeding time up.

I am not sure if anyone else is like this, but when I have a major test or project I would rather get it done and over with rather than worry about it later in the week when all I want to do is relax.  Yes, the extra time to study is nice, but stressing out about it more than you should is not something that I choose to do. 

Even though once college hits and everything seems to fly by, there are still those moments when you wish it was summer time and there weren’t any classes to worry about or any assignments to complete. 

Now, being from Slippery Rock University otherwise known as the “Rain Snow University” we all just want warm weather without snow or rain.  That is practically impossible here though.

So, at times it is wishful thinking to speed things up and at others we should just take a step back and enjoy the ride.  After all, we only live once so we should make the most of it.  🙂



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