Night Campus!!

I may not be part of the Greek life here on campus, but I think it would be an experience to build the cardboard houses and stay in the quad one night.

It is almost as if the university changes at night and becomes a deserted, new world.  Childish games become fun again and create lasting memories.  Capture the Flag across the Quad,snowball fights, sled riding, and jail break get everyone in a ruckus and send them swirling around the campus having a grand time.  Its times like these that build friendships and encourage new ones to develop.

New buildings are found and new path ways are made known.  The university comes to life at night.  The scary ghost stories of how Miller Auditorium and North Hall are haunted get more and more life like and reality sets in.

I think it would be a great opportunity for everyone to experience some sort of outdoor activity on campus even if it just for a few hours.

Everything has multiple personalities and getting to know a little more about each one of them can prove to be an adventure within itself.



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