Formal ahead! Yield to Conferences

This week in my book of life was another busy but enjoyable one.  I spent most of time running from class to work to class and back to the office.  There was little left in my tank when the moonlight called me pillow bound.  Four hours passed and the sunshine rang loud through my blinds awakening me to another fun-filled day.  My phone died at noon today.  I only charge it when I’m sleeping which is a rare occurrence anymore.  I have to finish planning for my conferences next week, keep up with my projects for student government and ,of course, do my classwork as well.  The building pile of assignments shows no sign of stopping, but I have hope that after the two conferences next week that time will allow for some relaxation.  On  a positive note, formal for the fraternity is Saturday.  A few of my old friends are returning for the dance.  I’m excited to see the alumni especially my grand-big Jacqui.  She always makes me smile.  Something about her presence lifts the weight off of my shoulders.  She has the innate ability to make the silver-lining show through the clouds.  In addition to seeing some old friends formal will give me a chance to dance.  I love dancing.  I will still have to take it a little easy, since my knee isn’t fully recovered.  My physical therapist said that I can start jumping next week which means flips are out of my repretoire for formal this year.

I hope that the next week is therapeutic.  All the hard work is going to be put to the test as my planned conferences fall into place.  I would love to see them go off without a hitch, but even if there are problems, I know that I can always do my best to fix them.  And maybe at the end of the day when my cold, lonely bed calls for me, I will be able to answer.

Chris Kite


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