Keep Chugging Along

Does it ever seem as if you never get a break? Is there a time when everything seems to hit you all at once and there is never enough time in the day for all of it that everyone expects you to get done?

Well coming back from a break that really was not a break at all, I am pretty sure that my week cannot get any busier.  I am not sure why, but no matter what, the week after break feels just as busy as the week before, if not worse.  It is almost as if the professors are trying to make up for lost time even though the break is scheduled into their lessons.  To top it all off, these same professors are the ones that teach before class starts and after class ends trying to cram every little bit of information out in one class period.  There is still another day to learn in the week.  It is not like it’s the last day of class or finals week.

I literally am trying to squeeze every last minute out of everyday.  If I have five minutes to take a breath, those are filled with some other errand that I have to do.  Also, if something can cause the slightest amount of trouble or set back, it is.

So, “bye-bye” to free time this week, it is all that I can to do to get a few hours of sleep at night.  Energy drinks and coffee are proving to be a huge help and knowing that the weekend is almost here is a positive.  Maybe by the weekend sleep will come along with a little R and R. 🙂

Have a good week back and I hope it is a little less crazy than mine. 🙂



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