Rocking my Weekly Routine!

I like this part of the semester. It’s that in between period where midterms are over and finals have not begun.  But I honestly like this part of the semester the best because I know where I am and what I’m doing next… well most the time!

What I mean is that I have my weekly routine down.  I know that my Mondays are super crazy with class straight through from 9:00 am to 7:30 pm and my Tuesdays get much better with only work and one class in the afternoon.  Wednesday s roll around to a few classes during the day but prepping for my 3 hours evening Chem lab, one of the not so fun classes of the week.  Thursdays are the BEST DAY OF THE WEEK with one long class in the morning followed by 4 hours of working with clients with disabilities at the Butler YMCA and our Equestrian Center! Then Thursday night is Thrive, Campus Crusade for Christ’s weekly meeting where I see a lot of my friends and hang out at Eat’n Park! Then all of a sudden its TGIF and Friday nights include volleyball at the gym with friends all night!

Having a routine is important in college to stay on schedule and make sure that I am getting everything done that I need to be! But it’s also important to leave room in your schedule for flexibility- this allows for more spontaneous events and talks with friends that can really brighten your day!

All for now… until next time!

Keep shining!

Kaitlin 🙂


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