Dancer needed. Formal – March 26th

I am exhausted.  It is still early in the semester, and sleep is becoming more and more of an acquaintance.  We used to be best friends, but with each passing day, I seem to know my friend less and less.  Last week, I did the math and determined that I was only sleeping for about 20 hours whereas the recommended sleep per week is 56 hours and the average for a college student is 42 hours a week.  This combined with the stresses of a full course load had me seeing spots by Wednesday.  Luckily, I have a relaxing week planned.  Friday night I am going to see a production at Consol Energy Center with my friend, Brittaney.  Later that night, I plan on meeting some old friends.  Saturday, I am heading to Clarion for a friend’s 21st birthday party.  Sunday, I am going to help my cousin move in to his new apartment.  Then, I will have a lazy Monday before returning to school to work. 

Formal is fast approaching, and the final day to buy tickets is even closer.  This brings me to the here and now.  I need a dance partner and she better be good.  I am a dancer by nature.  My body naturally swings and sways with the rhythm whether I want it to or not.  This means that whoever I choose needs to be a dancer, love to be on the floor, and have lots of energy.  She should be approximately 5’ to 5’7’’ stature and flexible.  By formal, my knee should be well on its way to recovery, so I will be dancing full force once again. 

Spring break starts for many people today.  Most of my friends are discussing their plans to travel to extravagant locales over the next week.  Meanwhile, I will be working full-time on campus in a desperate attempt to make some cash.  It is one of many sacrifices I must make in order to complete an unpaid internship in Florida.  One downside of an internship in therapeutic recreation is the fact that nearly all are unpaid.  Some majors have mostly paid internships, and I am banking on the fact that I will get one next year for safety management.  Until then, I will work my butt off to pay rent at 3 places, afford food, and tuition.

Chris Kite


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