Dealing with Stress

I’ve noticed that lots of students are experiencing stress. I guess it’s sometimes part of the package. I know for myself, I feel stress occasionally–too many assignments due at the same time, conflicts between personal and scholastic responsibilities, or some strained interpersonal situation. When we feel stress, we can be sure that we’re not alone. The New York Times recently published an article revealing that stress levels of college students are at an all-time high. You can check it out at the following link:

When we feel stress we need to take care of business. What we do about stress depends on what’s causing it. Figure out the source of the stress and do what we can to solve it. And, of course, once we’ve done what we can, we have to let go and trust that it will work out.

Another thing we can do is to make sure we are paying attention to basic needs such as eating healthy foods, sleeping the important eight hours, and including a balanced amount of recreation in our schedule.

For me, making a list really helps. I mark down all the things that are due and start working on them in the order of what’s due. If it’s something big and involved, I might work on that between the other items that are due sooner. Sometimes, depending on what the stress is from, I may talk to a close friend and get another viewpoint or at least vent a little. Looking at the positive side is always a good strategy. Not that we want to be unrealistic, but it’s important to see the good in situations. Where it applies, talking to the instructor is good. He or she doesn’t know what’s going on if we don’t communicate. An instructor may have a simple solution that comes from years of experience—something we might not see.

Dealing with stress is just part of life. Sometime it can feel like a serious rollercoaster—hang on and enjoy the ride!

Laurel P.


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