Smoke, Rehab, and the Pregnancy Bug

Currently, I am sitting in a room full of smoke, and if you don’t think this is important maybe the fact that it is the SGA office might change your mind.  Apparently a bearing wore out in the heater and the belt was rubbing which created waves of pungent smoke that burned my lungs and my eyes.  It’s funny how little things like that happen sometimes. 

 I never know what to expect when I get a new job.  Although I could just scratch the end of that sentence.  Life is full of twists and turns.  For me, I have gone from a state of depression to one of the high points in my life in only a matter of weeks.  I have never been as organized as I am now.  If I can manage to keep this up, then I should see my GPA skyrocket this semester. I’m starting to feel a bit light-headed from all the smoke.  Now that all of my affairs are in order, I can return to helping others in need.  I plan on being there for all my friends that were there for me. 

 My knee is healing quickly.  On Tuesday, my functional brace arrived which allows me to bend my knee.  I sit like a normal person in all my classes with my brace.  I am already improving my gait and can do stairs with little pain.  Rehab has always been fun for me.  I love working out especially when I have someone to coach me, so PT is like getting a personal trainer for a few weeks.  It is one of the positives that come out of injurying myself. 

 My roommate, Jim Kramer, has alerted me to a current problem plaguing campus.  Many are being affected by this strange phenomenon.  It is going around like the flu, and it shows no sign of stopping.  Of course, I am talking about pregnancy.  Recently there has been a spike in pregnancy rates around me.  It seems like girls are dropping out of college for the life of a housewife.  Personally, I do not understand why someone would want to have a kid just before graduating college, but it’s their decision.

 In closing, I have nothing to say about the Super Bowl.  I am upset that the owners and players cannot come to an agreement.  Hopefully, we will have a shot at redemption starting this fall rather than in the fall of 2012.

Chris Kite


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