Climbing On via Encouragement!

What is one thing that you are sure that if you tried you would hate? Can you think of anything? Well I did earlier last semester when my friend Brittany asked me to come climb the rock wall with her in our rec center.  Hum…Climb a huge fake rock wall while fastened into a belt thing, hoping the person holding you up doesn’t let you fall- nah I would never like that… haha THINK AGAIN!

You see, my dad and little brothers are the Boy Scouts of the family- the outdoorsy, animal tracking, rock climbing fiends… not me.  But for some reason I was already running at the ARC and Brittany had got together a group of girls to climb together so I gave it a try… and I Love It! No seriously. Not only am I a decent climber, exercise benefits of climbing work your arms, torso and legs- giving you a full body workout!  It is also a great way to get to meet new people while working on the puzzles of tracts that exist within the wall.

So yesterday was our first Upon His Rock climbing outing of the semester and again it was awesome! Before we actually hit the wall, five or six girls do a short devotion on how to apply our lives, our obstacles, and our faith into climbing up this fake rock in the ARC.  Yesterday Brittany talked about encouragement and how important it is both while climbing and in all areas of life.  When you feel tired and just don’t think you can climb up anymore, that is where friends and family come help you up and keep you going! I love climbing but hearing my friends cheer me on through the whole ordeal is the best part! Here at SRU, I am always able to find positive friends, faculty, and staff to encourage me in my studies, social life, and faith to keep going and pressing on towards my goals! Who will you encourage today?

Until next time, friends! Keep Shining!

Kaitlin  🙂


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