Back to being me. (recruitment, shower messages, and honey bees)

This week was another busy one in my shoes even if I didn’t walk much in them (I’m alluding to the fact that I am still on crutches.)  Recruitment for Phi Sigma Pi is keeping flying from place to place like a bee, buzzing through Slippery Rock looking for honey.   The flowers I am in search of are those special people that have proven themselves as academic leaders on campus with an interest in making new friends, developing their resume, and making memories to last a lifetime.   Our chapter is in desperate need of a large pledge class, because we just had a couple large groups of people graduate causing our numbers to dwindle.  We now sit at an active membership of around 20 which is very small.  This has put a lot of pressure on me to not only perform, but to do so at an exceptional rate.  The brothers are not going to be satisfied unless I am able to get a class of about 10 pledges, but I am not sure if it will happen.  Currently, it looks as if I will get 7.  Hopefully the events that I have planned for this week will draw a few more people.  I have a movie night, another informational meeting, and a casino night all this week.  If everything works out, then we should get a lot of people to come to the Casino night.  I am offering a prize of up to $50 dollars off dues to the winners and free snacks and drinks to everyone who attends.  The event is Thursday in the Great Room at Watson.  I think that it will be successful, because it is conveniently located in the dorm with both the honors and education LLC. 

Other than recruitment, I am keeping busy with my classes and planning two conferences.  I am still getting used to my new schedule which doesn’t allow for a lot of free time.  Even my weekends are jam-packed now, but this is when I do my best work. When I don’t have time to think, then I don’t have time to procrastinate.  It forces me to get organized and stay on top of my work.  I am more organized now than ever which is necessary to keep the stress away.  I found that I can fight off the stress in a number of ways.  My favorite new method is leaving myself inspirational messages around my room.  I put them everywhere.  I taped a few of on my shower door facing inward, so I see them while I’m singing my favorite songs.  Life is good.

Be peaceful,

Chris Kite


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